Power Steering Leak
Signs of power steering leak and how to fix it yourself
The most common place to leak power steering fluid is in the steering gear or rack. A power steering leak may show signs slowly but neglecting to stop the leak quickly will cost you a lot more than just your time. 

 Common signs of a power steering leak

Dark grey or black power steering fluid- When your fluid is dark or smells burnt (often described as smelling like a burnt marshmallow), it can mean that metal particles, air and/or water has made its way into the power steering line and oxidized the fluid. The power steering fluid may look glittery and/or have bubbles in it.

Low Fluid Levels- Low power steering fluid is a tell tale sign of a leak. Possibly in the pump, pressure horses or rack and pinion.

Squealing/Screeching- If you hear a squealing or screeching noise when you turn the wheel, especially at slow speeds, your power steering fluids may be low. Power steering fluid lubricates the power steering system so when the levels are low there is too much friction causing wear and tear on the power steering components. 

Stiff steering wheel- You shouldn’t have to break a sweat or turn your wheel 3 times to pull out of a parking spot. If you notice having to put in more work than usual to turn your wheel then a loss of power steering fluid is likely the cause.

What you can do if you have a power steering leak

Bar's Leaks Power Steering Stop Leak will seal minor leaks in the steering gear box, rack and pinion units while keeping seals and gaskets pliable to prevent future leaks. O-rings and seals become hard and brittle over time and mileage, Bar's Power Steering Stop Leak is formulated with a seal conditioner to help rejuvenate your power steering components.

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