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Around the world, Bar's Leaks is helping drivers keep their vehicles on the road.  See whats happening from around the globe.

Blown Head Gasket/Head Gasket Leak

February 2020 — 3182 views

Power Steering Leak

August 2019 — 4741 views

Motor Oil Leak

August 2019 — 4736 views

Transmission Slipping

August 2019 — 4883 views

Bar's TEC

April 2019 — 6391 views

Automechanika Frankfurt 2018

May 2018 — 5900 views

Meet the New Bar's Products Available for the EU

March 2018 — 6421 views

How Bar's Leaks Saved A Historical Mission of the Worlds First Nuclear Submarine!

February 2018 — 8117 views Promotional

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